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Increase sales with strategically-aligned branding
Everyone will recognize, remember, and value



Position your logo to grow your brand


Define your brand, understand your audience, clarify your message, and organize your thinking so your logo works effectively with you and for you.


Logos are the start of brand identity; sharing who you are and why you matter. Grow your business with an identity system, video, messaging, and web design.



Lower Potential Business Risk with Increased Strategic Alignment Process

Reverse-Engineer the Branding Your Audience Needs to See Because Business and Strategy Alignment with Audience Insights is Shown to Increase Sales


$1,000 USD


1 Hour Strategic Positioning Session

Competitive Analysis Summary

Logo Guidance Sheet

Two logo options
Two rounds of revisions

Four-week standard turnaround

Digital Delivery


$5,000 USD


4 Hour Strategic Positioning Session

Competitive Analysis Summary

Brand Archetype(s) Analysis

Audience Avatar Summary

Brand Attribute Selection

Directional Mood Boards

Two Brandscape Options

Logo Guidance Sheet

Three logo options
Two rounds of revisions

Eight-week standard turnaround

Digital Delivery

PLUS Three One-Hour Advisory Sessions


$15,000 USD


8 Hour Strategic Positioning Session 

Competitive Analysis Summary

Brand Archetype(s) Analysis

Prioritize Marketing Objectives

Audience Avatar Summary

Brand Attribute Selection

Audience Journey Plotting

Directional Mood Boards

Audience Empathy Boards

Three Brandscape Options

Brand Guide

Three logo options
Two rounds of revisions

Ten-week standard turnaround

Digital Delivery

PLUS Ten One-Hour Consulting Sessions
to maintain long-term brand consistency


Jeremy is among the best graphic designers I have ever encountered. Not only is Jeremy gifted in design, he is a team player that has NEVER let me down when I needed something critical to be done.

Justin Smith
Co-Founder & President
SkinBetter Science

Jeremy is a schizophrenic creative powerhouse! More than an amazing art director and designer, Jeremy is an incredible illustrator, actor, improv comedian, and impressionist.

Mark Lange
Creative Director & Marketing Strategist
BrainSells Advertising

I highly recommend Jeremy Tank and Think Tank Creative for branding, promotional, and advertising expertise! The process they took me through was amazing in distilling what I want my brand to be and the direction I want for my business. Bravo Jeremy!

Chuck Chapdelaine
Woodshop Co-Op

Jeremy Tank is doing a terrific creative job for Sailing La Isla. The logo he created is spot on and has been mentioned favorably by numerous Instagram followers. We look forward to making it more visible in the future. Also, the approach that Jeremy developed for Sailing La Isla has turned uncertainty into clarity and we now have well-defined goals and a path forward. We are certain Jeremy's strategy will allow us to reach our goals. Simply put, we are blown away by Jeremy's insight and creative approach!

Margaret Holt
Sailing Queen
Sailing La Isla

Jeremy, at Think Tank Creative, stands out in the crowd. As a business professional, this is exactly what you want for your business—the ability to stand out—and Jeremy is the guy to help you do it. He has a creative, out-of-the-box, method for developing attractive brands and he practices what he preaches.

Catherine M. White
Accellerated Results 365

I never met a designer who was able to see through his customers' eyes the way Jeremy can. He is a master at taking concept to realization.

Brian Poltonavage

Founder & CEO
Gordian Solutions Group

Jeremy is a very creative and versatile designer and problem-solver. He can do just about anything.

David Morgan
Principal & Creative Director
Morgan Creative Group


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts



Seattle, Washington, USA


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